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Session of the UN Commission Dedicated to the Study and Teaching of the Holocaust in Russia

8 November 2012

On the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnachta session concerning the Information Program of the UN took place in the New York headquarters under the topic “From Forgotten Memory to Nascent Remembrance: Holocaust History and Education in Russia Today” where Russian researchers and teachers presented their working results.

Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the UN, emphasized the importance of preserving the historical truth about the Second World War and the Holocaust and the intolerability of the distortion of history and support for neo-Nazi movements in Europe. He also underlined the significance of the fact that the session was held on the day of the opening of the Russian Jewish Museum of Tolerance in Moscow.

In his keynote lecture Dr. Altman presented the latest achievements of Russian historians in teaching about Nazi crimes, focusing on educational programs on the Holocaust and tolerance in Russian schools and universities. Prof. Yury Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “Memory of the Holocaust“of the Russian Jewish Congress, discussed memorialization of the Holocaust in Russian cities. Tatiana Pasman (Pskov) and Alex Feldt (Arkhangelsk) spoke about teaching the Holocaust in Russia's regions, and Alexander Engels introduced the educational programs of the Museum of the Holocaust and Jewish heritage on Poklonnaya Hill.

In his concluding remarks, Deputy Program Director, Ramu Damodaran, underlined the immense interest of the international society in the memorialization of the Holocaust, stressing the fact that the Russian Federation was among the initiators of Res. 60/7 of the General Assembly “Memory of the Holocaust” of 27 January 2005 and expressed his hope that the ”International Holocaust Remembrance Day” would become an official memorial day in Russia, as well.

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