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Research by Kiril Feferman Supports the Restoration of Historical Justice

20 December 2012

An international conference entitled "The End of 1942: a Turning Point in World War II and in the Understanding of the 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question'” was held from December 17-20 at Yad Vashem, in cooperation with the Ben Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities of the East. The conference was dedicated to the events of 70 years ago: the Battle of Stalingrad and the victory of the Anglo-American forces in the Battle of Africa.

Dr. Feferman represented the Holocaust Center with a lecture called "Keeping Stalingrad in Mind? - Fluctuations of German Judenpolitik in the North Caucasus, 22 November – 31 December, 1942." Dr. Feferman illustrated his statements on the occupational policy toward the Mountain Jews with documents, such as propaganda material from the Wehrmacht and German administration. The lecture was attended, among others, by Prof. Mordechai Altshuler, expert on the history of Russian Jews, as well as by Dr. Feferman’s former academic supervisor, Itzhak Kuvent, who runs the compensation project for the surviving Mountain Jews, and David Yadud, the leading lawyer of this project. Mr. Kuvent emphasized that the research and activities of Dr. Feferman contributed substantially to both the restoration of historical justice and the recognition of the Mountain Jews by the Israeli courts, in particular the inmates Nalchik ghetto who survived the Holocaust.
In the photo: I. Kuvent, M. Altschuler, D. Yadid, K. Feferman. Photo: G. Reikhman, Israel.
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