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The first Alley of the Righteous among the Nations in Russia was opened in Lubavitch

27 September 2012
On September 27, in the legendary village of Lubavitch (Smolensk district), the first Alley of the Righteous among the Nations in Russia was opened. It complements the memorial of the Jews who were executed there by the Fascists and their collaborators in 1941, which was erected within the framework of the program “Restoring Dignity”, initiated by the Russian Jewish Congress in cooperation with the Holocaust Center and supported by significant financial and organizational contributions by the Russian Methodist community.

The ceremony, in which 13 linden trees were planted by school students and where 97 year-old Tajsa Lukashenko recalled her memories, was attended by representatives of various political, social and religious organizations.

According to Dr. Ilya Altman, the creation of Alleys of the Righteous will be established in other regions of Russia.
A video about the Smolensk STRC:

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