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Dr. Ilya Altman negotiates in a memorial for those who rescued Jews and a Museum dedicated to the children of the Holocaust in Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia-Alania

25 September 2012

In the framework of the project “Restoring Dignity” Dr. Altman negotiated with political leaders about establishing a memorial in honor of members of the Red Army and inhabitants of Nalchik (capital of Karbardino-Balkaria), who saved a community of Mountain Jews from being shot by the Fascists occupiers.

In Vladikavkas in Northern Ossetia Dr. Altman conducted talks with the Deputy President of Northern Ossetia, Leonid Kesselbrenner, and with representatives of the Jewish communities and Universities of the Republic about establishing common educational projects on the Holocaust and the foundation of a museum center dedicated to the children who were victims of the Holocaust

In the photo: I Altman and the Chief Rabbi of Nalchik and the Northern Caucasian region, Levy Shabayev, with a Holy Thora saved during the occupation

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