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Soiree for Ilya Altman at the occassion of the 20th anniversary of the Holocaust Center

6th September 2012
On 6th September at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the  foundation of the Holocaust Center on 26th June 1992 a soiree for Ilya Altman took place.

At the beginning I. Altman told about his father's family having survived a ghetto in the Vynnitsa region and his parents who met at the front; then he described his life and work devoted to the cause of Holocaust studies, beginning when he found the manuscript of the “Black Book”.a collection of documents about the Nazi genocide of the Jews in the occupied territories of the USSR, which was considered to be lost.

Guests of the evening were friends, colleagues and companions, many of them connected by a longterm cooperation with the Center. Altman addressed them with the question written on a a large screen on the stage “The Holocaust - for whom is it necessary?”

Alekandr Gorelik, director of the UN-Information Center in Moscow underlined its importance of for the work of the UN, which adopted a resolution concerning the International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and which had developed a range of important educational projects; one of them which will be presented on 8th November in New York with I. Altman's participation; Aleksandr Sorokin ( Rosspen chief editor) stresssed the necessity of searching the truth and the remembrance of the Holocaust in Russia “suffering from an amnesia of her own tragedies”

Colleagues and companions, having accompanied him during the diffent periods of his life and work, underlined his role in bringing the notion and meaning of the Holocaust into the consciousness of the Russian society and offering a forum for the survivors to share their knowledge and experiences particular with the younger generation

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