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Memorial event dedicated to the Sobibor uprising

14th October 2012
On 14th October a commemorative event, honoring the heroes of the Sobibor uprising, took place in the Synagogue at the Poklonnaya Hill, organized by the Russian Jewish Committee (RJC) and the Holocaust Center.
At this occasion the claim to award the leader of the uprising, Aleksandr Petcherski, with the title of  a ?eroe of Russiawas repeated.
The Holocaust Center was represented by I. Altman and L Terushkin lecturing on the events: I. Altman reported on recently declassified documents on the history of the uprising in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense-
On  the photo: Ilya Altman and Leonid Terushkin lecturing.
Graphic portrait of Alexander Pechersky after photographs from the mid 60's by a former student of the Institute of Culture of Azerbaijan ,Naila Handzhanova in 1993, published in a typescripted magazine "Shalom - Scholem - Sholumi" ? 10 (52) of 1993, dedicated to he 50th anniversary of the uprising in Sobibor (publisher and editor Pinya Kalika) in an edition of 20 copies in  Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
(The magazine has been made available to the representative of the Moscow Holocaust Center in Israel G.Reikhman by courtesy of Raissa Kalika (Ashod), daughter of the late editor.

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