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70th anniversary of the annihilation of the Smolensk Ghetto

15 July 2012
The Co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman took part in a memorial ceremony at the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the massacre of Smolensk Jews at the execution place near the village of Vyazovenki where  in the late 1960s a monument dedicated to the ghetto inmates had been erected. Ilya Altman underlined the importance of the largest Russian ghetto, stressing: "Through the efforts of Jewish organizations in the city and region more than 800 names of the victims have been collected, the search should be continued in cooperation with non-Jewish organizations, educators and students. And the names of all the victims should be commemorated in the future memorial.”   
The ceremony was attended by the Chief Rabbi of Smolensk and the Smolensk region, Levi Yitzchak Mondshayn, historian Michail Rabinowich, Chairman of the Jewish community of Smolensk Zinovy Agranat, representative of the Public Chamber of Smolensk and the administration of the Dnepr Rayon of the city which is in charge the memorial. Z. Agranat had been an eyewitness to the tragedy. The ceremony was also attended by a delegation of the Moscow youth organization "Hillel”.
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