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Moscow students visit Holocaust sites

22 July 2012
In  the Museum of the Holocaust and Jewish heritage on Poklonnaya Hill.
Ilya Altman informed Moscow students visiting in the framework of the Hillel  program sites of the Holocaust in the Smolensk region about the project "To return dignity." The young people reported about their experience of visiting execution sites and the memorials in Lubavitch, Monastyrshchina, Chislavichi, Velizh, Katyn and Smolensk. Eyewitnesses reports and the fact that many monuments did not mention the Holocaust left the deepest impression on them. The participants decided to collect money in order to memorialize the fate of Jews in Chislavichi in a worthwhile manner. Anna Vitkina and Ekaterina Lazareva, winners  of the competition “We cannot be silent” who had presented their works at UNESCO in 2011 and 2012, urged their mates  to take part in competitions and conferences on the Holocaust.  The Chief archivist of the Museum, Natalia Anisina  provided a very informative guided tour of the museum.

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