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Remembrance of the Holocaust: problems of memoralization

26 July 2012
The volume “Remembrance of the Holocaust: problems of memoralization,  materials of the 6th International Conference “Lessons of the Holocaust and Contemporary Russia”, St Petersburg, 2-5 October 2011” appeared recently the  book series  “The Russian Holocaust library”. It provides a survey on research and memoralization of the Holocaust in Russia and CIS. The book is intended for researchers of WWII, for staff of museums, archives and educational institutions, teachers, students and those who organize the search of the names of the victims of the Holocaust and the Righteous. For that reason much attention is given to new approaches in the collection of the names, the detection and immortalization of the memorial sites of WW2 and the performance of commemorative events.
The book was published with the support of the Russian Jewish Congress, the Claims Conference (USA) and the ITF .

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