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"It's time to open all the files in the Wallenberg case and keep his name in eternal memory in Moscow"

3 August 2012
This is what was expressed by the participants of the memorial meeting for the 100th anniversary  of Raoul Wallenberg s birthday  on  3 August  held in  the Museum of the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill:  Yuri Kanner, President  of the Russian Jewish Congress (REK) Alla Gerber, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and President of the "Holocaust"  Fond,  and  Ilya Altman, co-chairman  of the "Holocaust" Center.
The relevant proposals on these issues related to the complete elimination of "white spots" in the Wallenberg case and the commemoration of his name in Moscow, will be sent to Prime Minister of Russia and Moscow’s Mayor. Swedish Minister Plenipotentiary Martin Aberg,  the deputy  head of the diplomatic mission of Hungary, Ferenc Nagy-Rebek, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Onno Elderenbosh, First Secretary of the  Embassy of Israel, Zvi Mirkin and  the First Secretary of the Embassy of Germany, Jens Gust told about efforts to preserve the memory of Wallenberg  and his role in rescueing victims of the Holocaust in their counties.
Director of the UN Information Centre in Moscow, Alexander Gorelik underlined that the United Nations paid great importance in preserving the memory of the Holocaust and of the Righteous. The Acting Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Victor Dyachko lectured  about the losses of the Red Army during the liberation of Budapest, and the reflection of the Holocaust in the museum. Ilya Altman informed about new findings in the archives on "The Secret Service and the Righteous among the Nations". Igor Pehovich, actor of the Taganka Theater  quoted  poems about Wallenberg. The evening ended with the presentation of a new documentary film about Raoul Wallenberg "Solo for single owls" presented by its director Grigory Ilugdin.
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