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Ilya Altman about the effect of the Holocaust on Jewish self-identification in Russia

June 14, 2012

Prof. Altman delivered a public lecture  “In the shadow of the Holocaust. Self-identification of Russian Jews” at the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center. It was attended by students and staff of the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Research and the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism. 

Besides, I. Altman informed the audience about the role of the Holocaust Center and the programs  of the Russian Jewish Congress in order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust in the Russian public. The lecturer explained the peculiarities in perceiving the war and the Holocaust in Russia, in particular the influence of the memory of war and its victims on the Jewish and non Jewish population. He traced the relations towards the Holocaust and its influence on the Jewish self-identification in relation to certain groups, such as to Jews in Russia in general, Jewish leaders, Jewish students from mixed families, Jewish communities, and Jewish philanthropists.

The main conclusions drawn by the lecturer were: strengthening of Jewish self-identification was made possible due to the whole complex of measures, including educational programs, participation in fundraising for the erection of monuments dedicated to Holocaust victims and the projects “To Return dignity" and "Baton of memory”.



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