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Book Presentation on the Holocaust in Southern Russia

June 5, 2012
 Prof. Ilya Altman and the representative of the Holocaust Center in Israel, Gregory Reikhman attended the ceremonies dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the annihilation of Jews in the Southern Russia. The ceremony took place in the Israeli city of Ashkelon.
During the event, held in the Cultural Center "Shapira", the second edition of the book “The tale of gifted life” was presented. It was written by the member of the Ashkelon branch of the society "Memory of the Holocaust" of the Immigrants’ Association "Survivors of concentration camps and ghettos”.
The attendants of the presentation, former inmates of ghettos and concentration camps, listened to excerpts of the books, told about the fate of the author's family living on the German-occupied territory.
The author described in detail how the family lived with a yellow armband in a Kuban Cossack village, how many sufferings his parents endured, digging graves on the outskirts of the village, as they expected every day to be led to execution. But on January 31, 1943, Soviet troops liberated the village, and this day was the family’s second birthday. In his story the author described the family life before the war, and his life as a Jewish boy after the war. The book was devoted to his granddaughter Yulia Elkina, who came to the presentation together with great grandchildren from Rostov.
Present, however invisibly, were Yakov Krug’s parents, who became victims of the Holocaust, immortalized on the prewar photos of the family, the only one still alive today was the author of the book.
No less striking and far more than just a piece of "material evidence" was  the presentation  of the “yellow star” from the Kuban Cossack village of Novo-Pashkovskaya, which will be 70 years this summer and which has been carefully kept as a relic in Yakov Krut’s family.
I. Altman expressed his confidence that this carefully written book will find its place not only in the Holocaust Center but  attract interests of the students from the region, e.g. in connection with the annual solemn mourning ceremonies for the victims of the Holocaust on January 27.
Member of the Board of Trustees of the project of the Russian Jewish Congress "To Return Dignity", Professor Yury Dombrovski, sent a warm letter to Yakov Krut, expressing his gratitude for his ruthless efforts to preserve the historical memory of the Holocaust in Southern Russia.
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