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Seminar of Russian and Belarusian teachers in France

From July 2-5, for the second time, the Moscow Holocaust Center organized a training seminar for Russian teachers on the Holocaust in Paris at  the ”Fondacion de la Shoah”, which was attended by 12 teachers from 6 Russian cities (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov, Dubrovka, Yoshkar-Ola, Ivanovo), and two representatives from Belarus.
The exhibition leaving a strong impression on the visitors provoked a lively discussion about the methods of preserving the historical memory of the Holocaust.
The workshop dealt with the history of the Holocaust in France, Nazis accession to power, their ideology and politics and the role of the “Jewish question”. These topics showed clearly the need to study the Holocaust in our time. The participants highly appreciated the constructive and dedicated approach of their French colleagues Georges Besancon, Tolya Broutman, Helene Dumas and Iva Ternon.
From the Russian side the seminar was led by Prof. Altman (Holocaust Center) and Prof. Alexander Danilov (Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences), who presented their approaches in Holocaust teaching and Holocaust remembrance. The workshop included a visit at the monument on the site of the transit camp Drancy.

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