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“Yom Shoah” and Jewish heroism

19th April 2012
Ilya Altman staging at the Research institute of Yad Vashem took part in a memorial ceremony at the occasion of “Yom Shoah”. It took place the evening before on the place of the Warsaw Ghetto Fighters in the memorial complex of Yad Vashem.
According to Ilya Altman, "it was an unforgettable sight.  The ceremony adhered  a particular atmosphere  though,  despite the cold spring evening, it was held outdoors. The sculptures of the famous monument to the heroes of the Warsaw uprising were illuminated by red lights which made them look as if  they were brought to life..
It was a very moving ceremony when six torches were lightened and a video was shown telling about the miracle of the surviving prisoners and partisans, who were entrusted with the right to light the torches.
The witness reports  were combined with film reports, photos of the speaker and his family from different years, and documents. I would like to emphasize that the topic of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union was mentioned in most speeches. Israeli President Shimon Peres, listing the destroyed Jewish communities, mentioned  Minsk, Odessa, Riga, Belarus and  the Ukraine. The ceremony was opened  by the chairman of the Board of Trustees  of Yad Vashem, Rabbi Meir Lau, who was saved at  Buchenwald by a young man from Rostov. Among those who lightened the torches was Bat Sheva Dagan,  liberated by the Red Army at Auschwitz, the former prisoner of the Minsk ghetto and  partisan Anatoly Rubin,  the prisoner  from  Kossovo ghetto (Belarus) and later partisan, Hasya Vardi. At the end of the ceremony  the Hatikva  was sung by young boys and girls wearing the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces' .
And today at 10 am the country came to a standstill ,bowing her  head in a minute's silence in memory of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust. At the same time at Yad Vashem  a ceremony began attended by former prisoners of the ghetto and  resistance fighters , World War II veterans and young people.

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