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Moscow. Memorial Marathon

19th  April  2012
 On 19th April  a Memorial  Marathon took place at the Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill  devoted to the Remembrance  Day of the Holocaust and  Jewish Heroism which was established in Israel. and which does not take place the first time by the initiative of the  Holocaust Center in Moscow. The President o of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yuri Kanner.opened the evening  informing about the first results of the “ Baton of Remembrance” which was launched in February  together by  the REK, Yad Vashem, and the Holocaust Center.  Alla Gerber, President of  the Holocaust Fond stressed the importance of remembering the  Holocaust  on the background of  growing Neo-Nazism  in Russia. The evening took place with the presence of the ambassadors from Israel and Poland and the National  Artist Yosif Kobzon.
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