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Center and Fond "Holocaust" on the contribution of Russian Protestants in the commemoration of the Holocaust

24th April.2012
 On the eve of  Israel’s Independence Day , the Russian Protestants held a ceremonial meeting.
In their greeting address the leaders of o the "Holocaust" Center thanked the  thousands of representatives of organizations from different parts of Russia, who  made donations  for monuments to Holocaust victims.  "We take this opportunity to express once again our sincere gratitude for initiating two years ago the Judeo-Christian dialogue, which has already shown definite results: we are able to  understand and respect each other better, to  solve the current problems in fighting against anti-Semitism and to establish the memory of Holocaust victims.
 The Memorial in Lubavitch, established with the active participation of thousands of Evangelical Christians in Russia, constitutes an important step in our cooperation. We bow our head before all those who participated in this generous  act, we hope that other  joint commemorative and educational projects will be successfully continued in the future. "
On the photo: Head of the Fund "Eben Ezer" in Russia, Boris Vasyukov.

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