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Alla Gerber “Germany succeeded in accepting shame and tragedy of the NS epoche"

  29th April  2012
From 22nd to 28th  April  Alla Gerber  together with the coordinator  of the educational program of the Holocaust Center, Tatyana Manykina  followed the invitation of the Goethe Institute to Germany. In order to “gain a detailed  insight in how, why and in which these three cursed places  (Alla Gerber)
In Berlin Alla. Gerber and Tatyana Manykina met with Prof. Hanns-Fed Rathenow and Ingolf Seidel working for  the internet platform  “Learning from history”: they paid a visit  to the museum “ The Topography of Terror”  a historical site where the buildings of  the Secrete State Police (Gestapo) , the leaadership of the SS and the Security Main Office were located.  Later they met with Anneta Kahane, chairwoman of the Amadeo Antonio Foundation (Initiative for civil society and democratic culture)  at the Federal Agency of Political Education.
In Nuremberg, A. Gerber, and T. Manykina visited the famous documentary center of the NSDAP and  met with its director, Dr. Alexander Schmidt. The last point of the route was Munich, where  they met with the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch in the Jewish community center.

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