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German volunteers in Israel learn about problems of history and memoralization of the Holocaust on the territory of the USSR

14th May
Ilya Altman delivered a lecture on “Holocaust on the territory of the USSR – history and memoralization” for volunteers from the German organization ASF (Action Reconciliation  Service for peace) working in different Israeli towns. He paid particular attention to the fate of the German Jews  having been deported to a ghetto on the Soviet territory and to common actions of remembrance with  German students in Russia
The lecture was  held in a historic building, "Bet Yehudah," which houses the Israeli office of ASF  and  where  for many years lived the family of a famous educator who revived the Hebrew language. More than 40 German students attended the  lecture with great interest putting many questions. Ilya Altman invited his listeners to make use  of the remembrance  of the  Holocaust survivors and to participate in international competitions on the subject.
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