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Conference: Focal points of historical memory in Russia and Germany

25th May 2012
The co-chairman of the Center "Holocaust" Ilya Altman took part in the Russian-German scientific conference "Remembering dictatorship and war:  Focal points of the historical memory  in Russia and Germany after 1945" held at the Institute of Contemporary History (Munich) within the framework of the “Russian-German Year of Education, Research and Innovation”.  The conference, whose  first part was held in March in Moscow, was attended by renowned historians from both countries and from Austria and Switzerland. The Russian delegation was headed by the Director of the Institute of World History in the  Academy of Sciences, Alexander Chubarian. Prof. Altman’s lecture  on  "The historical memory of the Holocaust in Russia" opened the first plenary session of the conference.
The theme  Holocaust was also presented in the lecture of Dr. Arkady Tsfasman (Germany),  reporting about the memories  of  Jewish emigrees from the former Sovier Union who were children during  the national-socialist occupation.
The main focus of the conference was put on problems of individual and collective memory of the war, the politics of memory , movies and memorials for  the victims of the two dictatorships.
Particular attention raised the contributions by Elena Zubkova (Institute of Russian History , Russian Academy of Science) on the memoralization of war in the post war Soviet society: by Irina Shcherbakova (Memorial) on the memory of Stalinist terror and  by Alexander Vatlin (Lomonossov University) on  memoralization of the victims of the NKVD firing rangeButuvo (place of mass shooting in 1937 and  1938).
At the occasion of the conference  Ilya Altman negotiated  prospects for cooperation  with  his German colleagues (Dr. Juergen Zarusski and Professor Horst Mueller) ,and  also with the leading staff of the Institute of World History(Russian Academy of Science) who expressed their interest  in joint projects on research and teaching about the Holocaust in Russia.
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