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International conference in memory of Raoul Wallenberg

28th May
The head of the archives of the Russian Holocaust Center, L. Terushkin attended the international conference "Raoul Wallenberg - a humanist of the XX century", marking the centenary of his birth, held at the Institute of Universal History of the  Russian Academy of Science. Besides lecturing on the fate of Wallenberg and his fellow diplomats who saved Jews, Terushkin informed about the efforts of the Center "Holocaust" to identify the saviors of Jews in Russia during the Second World War and the memoralization of the saviors’ deeds. In particular, he cited the recent example of detection of the rescuers of Jews by Russian teachers and students in the Pskov region, where the work  of a schoolstudent, M. Vasilyeva  led  to the award of the title of Righteous among the Nations to  E. Ivanova and E. Efimov.
 L. Terushkin acquainted participants with publications devoted to problems of Righteous among the Nations in the "Russian Library of the Holocaust," published by the Center Holocaust
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