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Seminars in Yaroslavl and Kostroma

15 -16 February
For the first time, a seminar on Holocaust was held at the Pedagogical University Yaroslavl by Ilya Altman and Natalya Anisina  (Moscow Holocaust Museum). Aleksandr Yermakov, (Yaroslavl University) spoke about the presentation of the subject in German schoolbooks. A round table discussion was attended by 30 participants. Marina Yarosh, a graduate of the Holocaust Center’s trainings at “Yad Vashem” reported about her teaching experience.
Ilya Altman’s lecture about Holocaust denial was followed with great attendance by the students of the Historical Faculty.
In the evening a meeting took place with the active members of the Jewish community of Vladimir, where a joint project of the RJC and the Holocaust Center and the Yad Vashem documentation project “Shoah victims’ names recovery project " during which Boris Mafzir’s film "On the trail of lost remembrance“ was shown and the  Moscow guests got the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Yaroslavl.
A similar program was held on 16 February in the Kostroma region with lectures by I. Altman and the staff of  the local university.
At a meeting with Rabbi Nisson-Mendl Ruppo in the Kostroma synagogue the project of the "Baton of Memory" was discussed. The Moscow visitors admired unique exhibits  form the  war   and Ilya Altman suggested the creation  of a virtual museum  to make the exhibits accessible outside of Kostroma.
The seminars were sponsored by the President of the Russian Federation and the Claims Conference.
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