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Correspondence courses of the Holocaust Center

19 February 2012
A special education project was launched by the Moscow Holocaust Center and the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Holocaust especially for Russian Protestants. Already in 2011,  25 representatives of the Union of Evangelical Christians (Baptists) participated in a correspondence course and submitted their theses:  in December 2011, 15 of them attended  a  weekly seminar at the Yad Vashem International School of.
This year a correspondence course for residents from Moscow and the cities of the Golden Ring was organized. On 12 and 19 February, students were handed out study materials,  and Ilya Altman and Natalia Anisina  gave an introduction to the topic.
Three graduates of the last seminar reported on their impressions. As topic for the course paper was proposed "Resistance against Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia in Russia and the experiences of the Holocaust" .
In the first half of 2012, another group of Russian Protestants will participate in a correspondence course.
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