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The "Baton of Remembrance”: the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) and the Holocaust Center present a new method to collect the names of Holocaust victims

22 February 2012
The REK addressed an appeal to the heads of the secular and religious Jewish organizations, the regional cultural self-governments, welfare organizations and Jewish schools and rabbis, to collect the names of Holocaust victims to be handed over to Yad Vashem. This should include non Jewish witnesses who shall be  asked about the names of their Jewish friends, colleagues and neighbors.
This action is suggested to be a part of the "Baton of Remembrance," which is carried out jointly with the Holocaust Center and   the project of names of “Yad Vashem.”  It is planned to show  the film "On the trail of forgotten remembrance"  and to establish  initiative groups in the regions. In preparing the recommendations for the implementation of these measures pedagogues, local historians, staff of museums and archives and representatives of veterans and other social and religious organizations will be consulted.
It is suggested that results will be handed to Yad Vashem at the Memorial  Day of  the Jewish Victims of Nazism and the Heroes of the Resistance “(Yom Shoah)  which will be the 19 April this year
For the implementation of the "Baton of Remembrance" the RJC provides funds  in the amount of 150 000 rubles  in order to support commemorative projects and publications on the Holocaust in the Russian Federation.

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