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Zhirinovsky and the Holocaust - a dangerous game with words

2 March 2012
In  a programmatic essay  "What is good for  the Russian people  is good for  all”, published  on 1 March in the "Russian newspaper", the  presidential candidate and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested  to found  in our country an “Institute of the Russian Holocaust in the Twentieth Century"  The co-chairman of the Holocaust Centre, Ilya Altman commented this: "This proposal is not without a certain comedy, when the "son of a lawyer" ends his essay with the remark that he does not accept foreign words" (such as constitution, president, etc). However the application of the term" Holocaust " to the death of millions of people in our country after 1918 is as unscientific as the application of the concept to the American Indians, "It must be pointed out that “at the end of the 1990s, Zhirinovsky named the day of Holocaust remembrance a strange holiday and refused a moment of silence for the victims. He, unlike other presidential candidates, rejected the RJCs suggestion to include the demand establishing a commemoration day for the Holocaust victims and liberators in his election manifesto.  For us there is no reason to be pleased that this term, having been introduced 20 years ago was now abused such an absurd manner.”
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