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Common Project by RJC and Holocaust Center "Baton of remembrance" launched

2 March  2012
In mid-February, the Russian Jewish Congress (REK) invited  the leaders of Jewish communities in Russia  to take part in a new project which was also supported by the Congress of FEOR on 13 February: on 15 and 17 February  the Co-chairman of the Holocaust Center, Ilya Altman,  negotiated in Yaroslavl and Kostroma  with the leaders of Jewish organizations.
Among the first  registered participants was the local religious organization of Orthodox Judaism, "Jewish Community of Smolensk", headed by  Zinovi Agranat (FEOR) author  of the book "Remember... and never forget," published in 2001. The book which was presented   in September comprises the names of at least 800 out of the 3,000 Jews of Smolensk  who became victims of Nazism.  Leonid Terushkin, head of archives of the Holocaust Center  stated: "We succeeded in making a number of materials contained in the Moscow archives better  accessible. The Holocaust Foundation  and Center  produced the “ Encyclopedia of the Holocaust “, where to the Holocaust in the  city, the ghetto and the region of Smolensk  was paid much attention. "
 On 1 March in Pskov a meeting of the regional representatives of the Holocaust  Center Tatyana Pasman and head of the Pskov Jewish Charity Center "Chessed Yitzhak" Bella Litvak took place,  where they decided also  to join the project . They will start working on 25 March with a presentation of Mafzir’s film  and a lecture on "The Holocaust in the Pskov region". On the agenda will be the formation of working groups and the discussion about the possibilities to find  non Jewish Holocaust witnesses in Pskov, remembering the names of victims. Though the project has yet started it can count on active participation by students and teachers from the  Pskov region  who already for many years  did research in this field.
One result  of the research  carried out by students r from Opotchka, O. Grigoryeva and M. Vasilyevan  was awarding the title of a “Righteous Among the Nations” to two citizens of Opotchka - Evgenya Ivanova and her father, Ivan Efimovich.
Members of the section of ethnography and oral history “Origins” of the Pskov region discovered during a comprehensive  exploration the history of the Holocaust in the Sebezh district ,finding  new, previously unknown names of Holocaust victims: J. Schneidman, S. Fish (Sebezh), E. Igdalovoy (Nevel). The last name was revealed recently by the  student S. Kokareva  and handed over to Yad Vashem.

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