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56th edition of the information bulletin “Holocaust “(Russian edition)

23 March  2012
In his editorial I. Altman pointed out that the present issue focuses on the memorial and educational programs in Russia. Many cities organized memorial events dedicated to 70th anniversary of the Holocaust on the territory of the Soviet Union, as  in Pushkin, Taganrog, Lubavitch. The International Holocaust remembrance day was widely memorialized in Russia (although not on an official level)  Teachers and students  from over 80% of the Russian regions  participated the 11th  contest of the Holocaust Center  with interesting new contributions to this topic.
 It is important to keep in mind that the installation of monuments and the conduct of educational programs have been actively supported by representatives of various religious and national communities.
One example however, having been extensively reported in international  mass media, does not allow to believe  that  understanding of the unprecedented nature and the universality of the Holocaust  came into minds of those who should feel obliged to honor the memory of Nazi victims : in November 2011  in Rostov-on-Don,  a memorial plaque  with an inscription  mentioning the victims of the Holocaust was replaced ...
The Russian Holocaust Center is  preparing for the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in  the Snake Canyon  In August 2012 an international scientific conference and  seminars will take part , along with a series of commemorative events: this is  essential in order that  Russia should acknowledge the Holocaust as an important part of its own history.
Almost simultaneously the 55th issue of the  English version of the Bulletin in English appeared,
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