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International conference “Holocaust Lessons and Contemporary Russia”

"International conference “Holocaust Lessons and Contemporary Russia”

August 12-14, 2012

The Seventh International conference “Holocaust Lessons and Contemporary Russia” will be held in Rostov-on-Don on August 12-14, 2012. The conference topic is “The regional history of the Holocaust in the Northern Caucasus and the fates of Jewish intelligentsia during the Second World War”.

It will commemorate the memory of the largest extermination of Russia’s Jews during the Holocaust and the murder of a world’s famous psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein shot 70 years ago at Zmievskaya Balka. The conference will be the first scholarly forum to explore the fates of scientists during the Holocaust. It will focus on a unique region where the Jewish death toll was the heaviest and included thousands of refugees who came from all over occupied or threatened Soviet areas. 

Russian Holocaust Center,
Simon Wiesenthal Center (The European office),
Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Southern Federal University,
Yad Vashem Project of Shoah Victims' Names.

With the support of
Russian Jewish Congress, “To Return Dignity” Project,
Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research,
Claims Conference,
“Dynasty” Foundation.
Invitations to participate in the event were sent to leading scholarly centers and researchers from Russia, Baltic states, Canada, CIS, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, UK, USA, and Switzerland.

Plenary meetings and sessions will focus on the following topics: 
- Sabina Spielrein: Life and scientific legacy;
- Sources and historiography on the Holocaust: regional aspect;
- Nazi occupation policy and the Holocaust in Russia’s South;
- Involvement of collaborators in persecuting local population and POWs; 
- Role and fate of scientific intelligentsia during the Second World War; 
- Historical memory of the Holocaust: regional aspect;
- Singularities of the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust in Russia’s South; 
- Educational aspects of teaching the regional history of the Holocaust.

The Conference proceedings will be published.

More details on the application process and the conference are available on the website of the Russian Holocaust Center.

Please direct your inquiries to the following email address:

 Application procedure
The submission of papers should be sent until 15th may to the coordinator of the conference Dr. Kiril Feferman  email address:
The application should include an abstract of the paper ( subject, main sources, literature 1800-2000  characters) and information about the professional background (position, academic degrees, institution) The organizers  will carry travel and accommodation expenses for participants from Russia and the CIS.
Applications will be informed until 1rst June about their participation  by the organizing committee. 
During the conference contributions will be restricted to 20 minutes in the plenary sessions and to 10 minutes in the sections.
The lecturers are kindly asked to send the complete text of their contribution until 12th October to the Organizing Committee. A publication of the conference papers is planned in 2013.

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