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The 6th International Conference of students, PhD students and young scientists "Holocaust remembrance and reminder," claim the introduction of a national Holocaust Memorial Day in Russia

anuary 26 to 28.2012. Last weekend, the 6th Conference of young scientists, PhD students and students took place under the direction of the Holocaust Fund and Center, the Institute of History and Archives of the Moscow State Humanities University and the Youth Forum for the Study of the Holocaust at the Holocaust Center with financial support of the Russian government.
The conference brought together 25 young scientists from 12 cities of Russia and Belarus, with contributions on "Historical research and the lessons of the Holocaust: open issues", which were presented at plenary sessions and round tables.

On 26 January, they had the opportunity to participate in the memorial ceremony .The conference was held on26th January in the commemoration synagogue, and on 28 th January at the Institute of History and Archives of the Moscow University, where the participants were welcomed by the director, Professor A Besborodov . Prof. Ilya Altman, Dr. Kiril Feferman (Holocaust Center), Dr Aron Schneer (Yad Vashem Hall, of Names), Valery Ivanov, Dmitry Alekseev (Youth Forum Holocaust) and Yekaterina Slotshevska (Memorial Synagogue).guided through the conference.

The topics of the contributions, which attracted high interest were extremely wide-ranging and varied from concrete historical research methods (interview of witnesses) , the history of the Holocaust in the regions, legal issues to problems of the building of a historical memory.
One result of the conference was the adoption of a resolution for the introduction of a national memorial day in Russia for the Jewish victims and freedom fighters.
Moscow after Volgograd, Novgorod Veliky, Saint Petersburg and Kazan the sixth hosting city of the conference.

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