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Memorial night at the synagogue of the Russian Jewish Congress on the "Poklonnaya Hill"

26th January 2012. This year 's Holocaust memorial evening took place on 26th January, organized by Fund and Centert Holocaust, the movement "A world against Nazism" with the participation of representatives of Europe and the city of Moscow.
Alla Gerber, president of the Holocaust Fund, led through the evening the evening, which had attracted a considerable number of guests which Alla Gerber brought the central concern of the organizers to a point: "We are committed to do everything that the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century can not be repeated again. And so it is now our main task to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and the courage of those who fought against it."
Boris Spigl first deputy chairman of the committee of the Federation Council for Constitutional Legislation and chair of the movement "World without Nazism" stresses that the history of the Holocaust, which had taken place 70 years ago, is still relevant . And that is why, political leaders and forces in different countries, aiming at a revision of the criteria of the Holocaust and the rehabilitation of the police forces which helped the German army to establish"order" in the occupied territories, justify deliberately fascism. They do not put the Holocaust on the agenda, but allow a resurgence of Nazism.
Then the guests of honor took the word. The Israeli ambassador Dorit Golender stated:"We are obliged to remember all the lessons from the 2nd WW and the Holocaust. And to this it belongs also to know the causes of the Holocaust. We have to think about why this terror was possible and do everything that it will never occur again. We have to explain clearly to the present and future generations: nobody can be indifferent towards anti-semitism, xenophobia and other forms of racial or religious intolerance " For the ambassador the tragedy of her people is linked directly with the tragedy of her family who has sto mourn many victims of the Shoah .
The German ambassador pointed out: "The Holocasut constitutes a crime, which complies with shame. And it will always be a part of the history of my country, which carries a special responsibility for Israel and the Jewish people. "This responsibility constitutes an additional guarantee for resistance against racial hatred and the idea of racial superiority.
Among the guests there were diplomatic representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus Turkey and the Council of Europe.
The participants of the conference spoke Russian, English, German, French and Spanish, but they all understood each other because they spoke a common language of friendship, of respect and of commemorating the past as a mean resisting to evil and violence in the presence.
The participants welcomed heartly an extraordinary guest: Eva Schloss, who went the tragic path of European Jews to Auschwitz. The fate brought his remarkable woman, born in Austria, escaping from the Nazis to Amsterdam together with the Frank family . Denounced by neighbours they were sent to concentration camp first Westerbork and then Auschwitz where her father and brother perished. Eva was liberated together with Anne's father Otto at Auschwitz. Her mother saved in a miraculously way after the war married Otto Frank, and so Eva became Anne Frank’s stepsister. So her presence at the opening of the exhibition "The World of Anne Frank" was of particular importance.. Eva Schloss came to Moscow for the first time and brought with her a book of memories and the military clothing she had received from Red Army soldiers at the liberation.
The organizers had prepared a special surprise for Eva Schloss : on the stage appeared three former soldiers who had liberated Auschwitz in late 1944. One could hardly imagine a meeting more symbolic and moving than that of the liberators and the liberated Yakov Vinitchenko , Ivan Martynushkin, and Yury Rivas-Kravkov are already aged. But they are three of millions of Red Army soldiers who rescued Jews and by that all mankind from the evil of fascism . The president of the REK Yury Kanner thanked all those who today oppose actively the emerge of anti-semitism and xenophobia: he handed over a document about an olive tree planted by the REK in Nazareth to Alla Gerber, Ilya Altman, Yury Dombrovsky and Boris Basyukov. He stress the vital contribution of the Soviet Union in the fight against fascism. The day of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army is the International Holocaust Day, but Russia remains one of the few countries that until now did not turn it into a national memorial day.
It is absolutely necessary to recognize the day officially in order to be in accordance with history and to remember the crimes of fascism, for each people can become a victim of genocide.
According to the tradition of the memorial evening the winners of the 10th International Holocaust competition "Holocaust – Remembrance and reminder" were awarded. The eleven winners from 1775 participants were invited to Moscow for the memorial soiree. The congratulations were made by the director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Aleksandr Gorelik, the director of the project "Giving back dignity " Yury Dombrovski and the director of the Eben-Ezer Fund, Boris Vasyukov.
The evening got an emotional touch by the Jewish choir, led by Aleksandr Zalyuk; the participationof the Roma ensemble “Black Eyes” was of symbolic significance for they represented another people, which became victim of the Nazi genocide . A glamorous accent was put on the soiree got by the contribution of the National Artist Tamara Gverziteli, whose songs will remain for a longtime in the memory of the audience.

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