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Russian students and university students study the history of the Holocaust

25th January 2012. The 12th International Student's Annual Conference "Holocaust - Remembrance and admonition” took place on Poklonnaya Hill" in Moscow organized by Center and Fund "Holocaust" and the Jewish Museum: 20 higher class students and their teachers from the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (from Kaliningrad to the Ural Mountains) took part.
The plenary sessions dealt with methods of working with historical sources and the history of the Shoah with the example of the region Chernivtsi and Pskov.
The sections dealt with the "Righteous among the nations" and "Holocaust in Literature and Art". The work done by the students consists a valuable help for the researchers at Yad Vashem
and may help to identifiy still a considerable number of Righteous. The conference included a guided tour through the museum and a meeting with Eva Schloss, the adopted daughter of Anne Frank's father.
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