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Marathon of remembrance

On April, 24th, the Holocaust Center organized a “Marathon of remembrance” for the students of Moscow in the synagogue on the Poklonnaya Gora in the Victory Park.
The students hat the possibility to talk and listen to a Survivor of the Minsk Ghetto, to a member of the Partisans and to a “Righteous among the Nations”.
Due to that, the Co-Chairman of the Russian Research and Educational Center, Dr. Ilya Altman, gave guided tours through the museum and Alla Gerber talked about her own history as well as about the question “ a whole nation could believe, that the reason for all evil was the Jewish people”. Many students were very touched by her words and by the choir that sang songs from different nations and countries.
“We and our children have the duty to remember what happened in the past and to fight every kind of new Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Racism”, said Dr. Ilya Altman.
On this day, nearly 300 students had the possibility
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