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Soiree at the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Moscow House of Cinema

24th January 2012. On the eve of the International Holocaust Day a commemorative evening in the House of Cinema was organized by the Israeli embassy in Moscow and Fund the Center Holocaust, It was opened by the Israeli ambassador, followed by a prayer for the deceased and the 83rd Psalm by high religious representatives. The ceremony was also attended by  the  Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov and the Board of Fund and Center "Holocaust" Alla Gerber and Ilya Altman as well as  by the winners of the 10th Holocaust competition.

The Israelian filmmaker Boris Mafzir  presented his film "On the path of forgotten remembrance" about the Yad Vashem Shoah victims Names Recovery Project  to collect the names of murdered Jews. The Secretary General of  the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAEK) Prof. Mikhail Chlenov stated at this occasion "For us it is absolutely essential that in Russia as in the entire civilized world, the International Day of Holocaust victims will be officially recognized. In Russia, a significant number of Jews  were killed, and there are hundreds of places of mass killing such as the Snake Canyon near Rostov.  A national  holiday should be introduced to commemorate the Holocaust victims, as it exists in other countries. This could be a protection against anti-semitism and xenophobia, which would be far from being superfluous. "

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