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Results of the 10th International Competition "Lessons of the Holocaust – a path to tolerance"

16th January 2012. 1775 students, teachers and students from 12 countries and 71 regions of Russia. participated in the 10th international competition.The winners were invited to Moscow.
In the group of students the winner were:
Aleksandra Abramovna (Chernivtsi / Ukraine) with a study on "The Romanian version of the Holocaust - the strategy of expulsion." Supervising teacher: Natalia W. Abramovna.
Mariya Vasilyeva (Pskov region) with the contribution "E I. Ivanova – Boris Kaminarov’s second mother". Supervising Teacher: Olga S. Grigoryeva
Mark Sajfutdinov (Orenburg) with the contribution"An attempt to analyze the poem" Kaddish "by A. Galich. Supervising teacher: Lidiya A.Saiganova
In the group of university students the winners were:
Anna Arsenova (Rostov-on-Don) with "The Tragedy of the Snake Canyon and the preservation of historical memory. Supervising Professor: Sergey A. Špagin,
Julia Bachir (Vitebsk / Belarus) with "The Vitebsk Ghetto during the Great Patriotic War." Supervising Professor: Rostislav V.Timofeyev
Mariya Gileva (Arkhangelsk) " Staying apart ? The attitude of the American society towards the catastrophy of 1933-45." Supervising Professor: Alexey E. Field
In the group of teachers the winners were Oksana V. Zarubina (Nishevartovsk) with "Memory of the Holocaust - way to tolerance" Olga L.Stepanova, (Ivanovo) and "Silent witnesses" in Webquest format JelenaV. Hodsher (Nikolaevsk-on-Amur) with "Arts behind the barbed wire fence"/The winner in the group with creative approaches were:
Julia Rubin (Zarajsk-Moscow region) "Eternal memory to the victims of the Holocaust." Supervising Teacher: Raisa N. Schtiff
Aleksandra Stolyarova (Saransk, Mordvinian Republic) with the story "The Nameless. Supervising teacher: Ludmila V. Tarasova.

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