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Former Nazi-prisoners congratulate Alla Gerber 3th January 2012

The chairman of the “Association of concentration camps and ghetto survivors in Israel," Gita Koifman and her deputy, Dr Sergey Sushon sent a telegram congratulating Alla Gerber to her 80th anniversary : "In your person we welcome one of the founders and leading personalities of the Holocaust Fund: We in Israel are always aware of the positive results of your activities, particularly in your cooperation with the organizations of former prisoners in Israel. Thanks to you we are always well informed about the events in Russia, the resistance against anti-Semitism and xenophobia, Holocaust denial and revisionism of the results of the 2nd WW. We watch permanentely, the activities at the museum on the Poklonnaya hill dedicated to the Holocaust and the heroism of the Soviet Jewry
We know you as a co-author of the first Russian textbook on "The History of the Holocaust on the territory of the USSR" which provoked a wave of anti-semitic outbreaks, when it appeared in 2001 in an edition of 1,000 copies. You are one of the leading personalities of the anti-fascist movement in Russia, which played a crucial role in the destruction of German National
Socialism. Every year you are accompanied by Russian teachers coming to Israel in order to study not only the history of the Holocaust and Jewish resistance, but also getting to know our country and leaving it as friends of Israel. We are pleased that you very recently awarded with commemorative medal of the 65th Anniversary of the victory over Nazism . You deserve this award for your devotion to,keep alive the memory of the war, the Holocaust and the rebirth of our people. You will soon receive a gift from Fund and Center Holocaust the book "Born to suffer?" published by the "Helping Hand Coalition" Please accept, dear Alla Efremova once again my regard: at the occasion of your birthday I wish you much health, well-being and success in your broad commitment.
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