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The issue “Holocaust in Russia” is on mind in Japan too

20th December 2011. During a stay in Japan Ilya Altman lectured at the Rikkyo and Wasseda Universitya  about research and study of the holocaust in Russia and informed about new documents of the Russian  ministry of foreign affairs concerning the transit of  Jewish refugees 1940-41.
The deputy director of the archives of the JapaneseMinistry of ForeignAffairs, Maasaki Schiriaschi, author of a recent monograph on Tiune Sugichare, a Japanese diplomat and Righteous among the Nations and a specialist for the foreign policy of Lithuania and Japan  before the second World War II contributed a co-lecture..
The first Russian-Japanese Seminar on Holocaust was organized by Prof. Takao Suzuki and David Wolf, experts for the history of Jews in the Middle East and  Japanese-Russian relations.

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