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President of the Holocaust Fund, Alla Gerber meets leading members of the of the Israeli Union of Soldiers and Guerrilla Fighters - Invalids of the War Against Nazis,

 19th December 2011. The press secretary of the association and editor of the Russian edition of the "Voice of the Invalids of War “, Moshe Spitzburg led the visitor through the exhibition" 17 000 – who will live forever " which consists of 17 000 photographs of members of the association from the war and the postwar period.
Alla Gerber informed the president of the association, Roman Jagel, extensively about the activities of the Holocaust Fund and Center, stressing the long lasting ties of friendship and common work and the joint efforts in memorizing holocaust and Jewish heroism during World War II and fighting against the falsification of history.
Roman Jagel and his deputy Savely Kliner presented an Israeli commemorative medal of the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazism to Alla Gerber.

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