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Member of the scientific staff of the Holcaust Center takes part in a scientific conference at Yad Vashem

From 5th-8th. December an international scientific conference on "Methodological problems of research of the history of Russian Jews during the Holocaust" took place at Yad Vashem. This was the first conference organized by the recently founded Holocaust-Research Center as part of the "International Institute for Holocaust Research," with generous support by the “Genesis Foundation".
Young scientists from CIS countries also participated in the conference. Leonid Rein’s (Israel) contributions concerning methodological problems of research about  collaboration on the territory of the USSR attracted much attention, as well as Aleksei Chewardin’s (Ekaterinburg) about Soviet and Polish citiziens’ anti-semitism in the Urals during WW II. Great interest aroused the literature section, especially the contribution made by the postgraduate student from the University "Paris 8", Xenia Kovrigina with her thorough analysis of Soviet fiction on the Holocaust. The Russian Holocaust Center was represented by Dr. Kiril Feferman, lecturing on the evalution of Soviet eyewitnesses’ reports done still during the war.
The conference aroused great interest among the scientific community, and demonstrated the importance to make the post-Soviet and in particular Russian Holocaust Research accessible to international researchers
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