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Israel/Aschod: lessons without a textbook

27th November 2011 The representative of the Russian Holocaust-Center in Israel, Gregory Reikhman took part as translator in the presentation of an extraordinary new educational project to study the Holocaust and the heroic resistance in Aschod,Israel.
The project "Lessons without a textbook" was attended by more than 20 student from the higher classes of the local state school "Makif bet".There were not invited scientist as teachers for this subject being of high importance for the formation of a Jewish identity but surviving witnesses of the tragedy, 13 members of the association "Amut Zikaron" (memory), an association of more than 500 former inmates of ghettos and concentration camps living in Aschod. Most of them came with the mass aliyah (immigration to Israel) in the early 90s to Israel.

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