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Opening Holocaust exhibition, Russian FM warns against reviving Nazis

22 2018

UNITED NATIONS — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov opened an exhibition on the Holocaust in the former Soviet Union on Thursday, saying the world has “a sacred duty” not only to commemorate the millions of victims “but to do everything in our power to prevent such tragedies in the future.”
He called the Holocaust “one of the worst crimes against humanity” and said it was troubling “that recently we see the creeping rehabilitation of Nazis.”
In a number of unnamed countries that consider themselves “paragons of democracy,” Lavrov said there are systematic efforts to revise the outcome of World War II including glorification of the activities of Germany’s wartime leader Adolf Hitler and local collaborators.
He called it “especially immoral” that some European Union members are destroying monuments to Soviet soldiers, who paid with their lives to rid the world of the Nazi horrors and help ensure peace and stability on the European continent.
“Such actions are a sacrilege from the common human standpoint,” Lavrov said. “We all should decisively counter such very dangerous trends.”
After Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the extermination of Jews began.
According to one panel in the exhibition, “2.7 million people were shot, burned, buried alive, drowned in rivers and swamps, hanged.” All were Soviet citizens, and they represent almost half of all Holocaust victims, it said.
The exhibition, entitled “The Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation, Rescue,” includes documentary evidence and photographs of prisoners of Nazi death camps and their liberators — soldiers of the Red Army.
It opened ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the anniversary of the Soviet Army’s liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in 1945 by Soviet troops.

Opening of the International Conferences for Students "Holocaust: Memory and Prevention"

27 2017

27th of January /
On the 26th of January, the annual International Conferences for Students and young Scientists was opened in the Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in the Memorial Synagogue, which belongs to the Russian Jewish Congress.
The greetings were spoken by the president of the Center "Holocaust" Alla Gerber, the first secretary of the ambassady of Israel Noah Ginosar and the UN's director of the Informational Center in Moscow Vladimir Kuznezov, who read the greeting of the new General Secretary of the UN Gutyeresh. After that, the presentation ceremony of the International Contest’s results and rewards took place. Fellow worker of the Russian Jewish Congress Ekaterina Lazareva and Ilya Altman guided a tour through the synagogue for the participants of the conference. Then was the introduction of the participants and they had a training, which was led by Maria Gilyova and Svetlana Antonova.

International contest of scripts about the holocaust: First results

20 2016

20 of November
According to provisional estimates, more than 1500 people took part in the 16th International Contest „Holocaust remembrance – The path to tolerance“. About 600 pieces of work by teachers and students from 7 countries arrived in the Russian Holocaust Center: From Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. Our representatives from the Republics of Buryatia (34 submissions) and Mordovia (29 submissions), the regions Stavropol (73 submissions) and Chabarovsk (6) and the districts Vologda (144), Vladimir (35), Pskov (65), Kemerovo (95), Kirov (16), Tomsk (27), Tver (12) and Chelyabinsk (152) reported the 10 regional contests, that have received about 700 scripts. In the Jewish Autonomous District as well as the districts Belgorod, Kostroma, Saratov, Rostov and Tambov, the results will be announced until the end of November.
Citizens from more than 40 different regions of Russian Federation participated in the contest. From following regions, in addition to those named above: The Republics of Kalmykia, Karelia, Crimea, Tatarstan, Udmurtia and Chakassia; the regions Altai, Zabaykalsky, Kamchatka, Krasnodar and Primorsky and the districts Archangelsk, Voronezh, Bryansk, Irkutsk, Novgorod, Leningrad, Moscow, Perm and Kaluga as well as the Cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
The count of the submissions is still in process. The end results will be published on our website on the 27th of November. All participants will receive a certificate and the winners will be invited to Moscow where they will be given a special certificate and other precious prizes.

International conference on combating antisemitism: Participation of the Holocaust Center

14 2016

14 of November/
The Holocaust Center was involved in the preparation to carry out the first International Conference to combat Antisemitism „Protecting Future“. The conference was organized by the Russian Jewish congress and the government of Moscow. Meaningful Jewish organizations from the whole world supported it. The center’s chairperson and advisor for the Jewish congress of Russia, Ilya Altman, was part of the organization committee and was involved as a speaker. He moderated the discussion circle to the topic „Holocaust Denial as a Form of Antisemitism“. During this, he held a presentation about „Revisionism of the holocaust“. The chairperson of the foundation „Holocaust“, Alla Gerber, moderated the discussion circle to the topic „Antisemitism in modern Culture and in Education“ and read her presentation about „Antisemitism in the Soviet Union and during the Perestroika: Experience in the Resistance“.
During the final session, Ilya Altman read the project of the declaration that contains an appeal to remember the holocaust and to oppose every attempt of holocaust denial. In the conference participated 20 pedagogues from 16 different regions of Russia and also from Armenia, Belarus, Moldavia and Ukraine.

New Exhibition to the 75th Anniversary of Babi Yar

26 2016

On the 26th of September a new documentary exhibition “Babi Yar – symbol of the Holocaust” was opened in the showroom of Russian “Holocaust” Center (RHC). It is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the several tens of thousands of Jews in Kiev executed by Nazis and their collaborators on September 29-30 in 1941. The exhibition shows the photographs and documents from the archives and museums of Russia, Ukraine and France. A special section of the exhibition shows the photos of children killed in Babi Yar. Volunteers of RHC from Austria and Germany were the first visitors of the exhibition. TV Channels "Vesti" and "MIR" made a report about the opening of the exhibition.

Seminar for pedagogues of Kalmykia

09 2016

9th of September /
On the 7th of September, a seminar by the Holocaust Center took place in Kalmykia’s capital Elista. The local institute for further education supported it. The seminar was called „Commemorate the holocaust – The path to tolerance“ and more than 30 pedagogues from different regions of Russia took part. Lilia Munchinova, director of the Kalmykian Institute for further Education and education scientist, emphasized the importance of experienced teaching about the holocaust and the expulsion of the Kalmykian people in the years 1953 – 1957. Ilya Altman presented the educational and publishing programs by the Holocaust Center and explained the Holocaust in Europe and on the occupied Sowjet territory in relation to the Great Patriotic War and to regional history. Dr. Christina Winkler (Berlin, Germany) read the lecture „The holocaust in Rostov-on-Don“. Finally, the pedagogues took part in a monument’s opening ceremony for the local victims of the holocaust. In view of the seminar, more than 20 pedagogues expressed the interest to take part on further events by the Holocaust Center.

The meeting of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace at the Holocaust Center

08 2016

On 22nd of June this year volunteers in Russia of Action reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) as well as the contributor for volunteer service in Russia and former volunteer of the Holocaust Center, Sina Gasde, director of ARSP, Jutta Weduwen and chairman Stephan Reimers met in the Russian Holocaust Center to compare note on the experience of the last month, to visit the Holocaust Center and learn about it work before visiting the exhibition of 25 years ARSP in Russia. In the beginning of the meeting Ilya Altman presented the Holocaust exhibition located in the hall of the Holocaust Center afterwards the volunteers, the contributor as well as the director and the chairman got the English newsletter of the Holocaust Center. After all rooms were showed and the listeners were informed about the work of the Russian Holocaust Center a nice discussion about German politics, the impressions and experiences of the volunteers in Russia and the work in the different projects and cities.

The event took place on 22nd of June, the day of German raid on the Soviet Union, because this incident is one of the reasons of the work of ARSP in Russia. ARSP campaigns for peace and international understanding and an awareness of the crime done by national socialists in the time of the World War II. ARSP also fights against anti Semitism, racism and any other forms of repression of minorities.

For more information:

commemorative marathon: monument for the victims of the holocaust has been opened in Kalmykia

08 2016

8th of September /
On the 8th of September 2016, in the small Kalmykian township Sunda Tolga (about 500 inhabitants) the opening of the monument for the victims of the holocaust took place. This is the first out of 10 monuments and blackboards that will be opened during the next 2 weeks as part of the project „Restoring dignity”. The Jewish Congress of Russia and the Holocaust Center initiated it. It was supported by the Protestant Christians of Russia, by local authorities and the Jewish organization Yad Vashem.

Beslan: we remember!

05 2016

On September 3 the chairman of the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center and adviser of the Russian Jewish Congress Ilya Altman took part in a memorial ceremony for the victims of the tragedy of Beslan. Together with the head of the regional representation of the Russian Jewish Congress David Melikov, he laid a wreath at the cemetery “City of Angels”.
On the same day Ilya Altman visited the Jewish community “Shalom” in Vladikavkaz, where he met with its director Mark Petruschansk and visited a future museum exhibition about the Holocaust in the North Caucasus. It was reached an agreement for the provision of methodological and practical tools for the creation of a museum. One of the issues in this case will be the terror against children. During a meeting with the head of the North Ossetian Theater, Opera and Ballet and Russian folk artist Larisa Gergieva there has been a discussion about the performance of the opera Brundibár in Vladikavkaz on September 26 and about other projects. On September 4, Ilya Altman met with Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of North Ossetia Alexander Reutov. There was a long and interesting discussion about the experiences and problems in regard to the commemoration of the Holocaust victims in the establishment of a museum and educational program on the topic of the Beslan tragedy. In addition, a revision and a new edition of the educational books “Children – victims of terror and the Holocaust” was under discussion. The regional representative of the Center “Holocaust” Tatjana Svetlov participated at the meeting. At the end of the trip Ilya Altman attended the ceremony in Beslan, which took place in the building “School № 1”. The ceremony was also attended by the participants of the youth project of the Jewish organization from Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk, who were learning about topics of the Holocaust and terrorism. The guidance through the site of the tragedy was led by the heads of the committee “Mothers of Beslan” Susanna Dudieva and Aneta Gadieva.
On the photo:
1. Laying a wreath
2. In the museum Holocaust. On the left - Mark Petruschanski

News about the project “Return Dignity”

01 2016

In Russia there are more than 500 places of mass murders of the Jews during the Holocaust, and most of the are not immortalized. Russian Jewish Congress together with Russian “Holocaust” Center (RHC) are aiming to establish memorial sites on each of them. The long-term project “Return Dignity” is dedicated to this aim. This work gather together the initiatives of federal and local authorities, Christian organization “Even-Ezer”, Federal Jewish National Culture Autonomy, Jewish communities and organizations, “Project of Names” of Yad Vashem, historians, archivists, survivors, witnesses and relatives of victims, etc…
In September 2016 eight monuments were established in four regions of Russia: villages Zunda Toga and Troizkoye of Republic of Kalmykia, in the city of Mineralnye Vody, villages Arzgir, Spassky, Nevdahin of Stavropol region, in the village Loknya of Pskov region, and Novozybkov town of Bryansk region. Co-chairman of RHC Ilya Altman, representatives of local authorities, organizations, schools, survivors and others, attended the opening ceremonies.

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