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Новые издания

"Antisemitism- The Generic Hatred: Essays in Memory of Simon Wiesenthal"

27 января 2009

  The book is now published in Russian- language. It was edited and co-edited by Shimon Samuels, Mark Weitzman and Ilya Altman and the tributes for this version are from:
 -President Dimitri Medvedev
-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin -The late Patriarch Alexei II-Foreign Minister and Chair of Russian National Commission of UNESCO, Sergei Lavrov
-St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvieienko
-Former President Mikhail Gorbachov
-Former Minister of Minorities Valeri Tishkov
-Father Vyacheslav Chaplin, Spokesman of the Patriarch of the Russian
Orthodox Church

The book was launched under the co-auspices of the Russian Holocaust Centre, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance and the UNESCO.
It was presented at various locations:

--The Central Synagogue of Moscow chaired by Jewish Community
Chairman, Leopold Kaiymovskiy

--The RIA- Novosti Press agency

-The official Moscow Holocaust Commemoration ceremony at the Central
House of Literature in Moscow
- The Herzen Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg at a seminar on
the Holocaust (UNESCO Chair in Education in the Multicultural Society
also attended). The session was chaired by Vice-Rector Sergei Shilov.

-The Interfax Press agency of St. Petersburg

-In a meeting with St Petersburg's Governor, Valentina Matveienko, at
the Smolny Palace. The Governer announced to the press, who were present
at the meeting, the purchase of 700 copies of the book for high
schools in St. Petersburg.

New books in the library of the Russian Research and Educational Center

02 января 2009

The library of the Russian Research and Educational Center is regularly enriched with new international books, dealing with the theme of the holocaust on the occupied territories of the USSR.


Due to the German book “Holocaust in Litauen” (Böhlau Verlag, 2008), the book “The Shoah in Ukraine”, edited by Ray Brandon and Wendy Lower (published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) can be found in our library now.

For the Ukraine was home to the largest population of Jews in the Russian Empire, it was one of the most important centers of Jewish life and culture, destroyed by the holocaust. Until yet, less is known about this part of the holocaust history and the book tells us more about lives and deaths of not only Jews, but Poles, Russians, Romanians and many more in this part of Europe

"The Unknown Black Book"

10 июня 2008

 "The Unknown Black Book" provides, for the first time in English, a revelatory compilation of testimonies from Jews who survived open-air massacres and other atrocities carried out by the Germans and their allies in the occupied Soviet territories during World War II. These documents, from residents of cities, small towns, and rural areas, are first-hand accounts by survivors of work camps, ghettos, forced marches, beatings, starvation, and disease. Collected under the direction of two renowned Soviet Jewish journalists, Vasily Grossman and Ilya Ehrenburg, they tell of Jews who lived in pits, walled-off corners of apartments, attics, and basement dugouts, unable to emerge due to fear that their neighbours would betray them, which often occurred.

 Zoe Waxman about "The Unknown Black Book"


" Save My Letters… "

18 мая 2008

"Save My Letters… " - a collection of letters and diaries of Jews written during World War Two /Compiled by I.A.Altman and L.A.Terushkin. - M.: Holocaust Center and Foundation, MIK Publishers, 2007. - 320 p. The collection includes over 250 letters, diaries and photographs related to the Holocaust, Jewish Resistance, the participation of Jews in the war, their every-day lives in evacuation, as well as in Moscow and in Leningrad during the siege of the city - from the Holocaust Center Archive.

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